How to Write a Business Plan in ten Steps

Introduction – Importance of the Business Planning Process

If you are already in business and up and running, you may think the subject of business plan writing is not relevant to you. If that’s the case then I am afraid, I must let you know, that you are wrong! It is not just start-ups that need a business plan. If you are innovating, starting a new line of business, launching a new product or service, entering new territory, or embarking on significant expansion, you also need a business plan.

Now that we have that out of the way, what’s stopping you from writing your business plan? Is it time, expertise or money? We all know that writing a quality business plan is a time consuming, potentially expensive, painful and stressful, albeit necessary and important process. The process of writing the business plan is in may cases as useful as the final plan itself. This is because the process forces business owners and managers to think within and outside the box, to strategize, to analyse, to research and to envision.

The goal of this post is to simplify the process of writing the plan. Following over the next ten weeks are the ten essential steps to achieving success with your business plan. If you have other questions about business plans, or would like my firm to write one for you, just or follow this link and live chat with one of our agents now.

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